Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Self Discovery

I have spent most of my life trying to please others.  Roommates, friends, my ex spouse, family, coworkers, you name it.  I have always tried to do exactly what I thought others wanted or needed of me.  Forget two masters, I served 20k masters.  I really wanted to be liked and needed.  And I had no idea who I was.  I have a loud personality, so certain parts of me always seemed to spill through, but I would suppress things I thought I needed to suppress, and pretend to like things I thought I needed to like.  So now I am trying to figure out what it is that makes me tick.  What I like.  What makes me happy.  Here is my list so far.
1. Maren likes the musical.  Maren loves bursting into song.  However, Maren by far prefers the modern musical, not so much the Rogers and Hammerstein musical.
2.  Maren loves balconies.  Really.  A lot.  I adore them.  Love them.  Yep I do.
3.  Maren likes bodies of water.  Streams, rivers, puddles, fountains, swimming pools, hot tubs, lakes, and oceans.
4. Maren likes movies.  A lot of movies.  Not so much cheesy romance, unless the cheesy romance is also witty.  Maren likes movies that are witty.  No matter the genre.  Witty cartoons, witty drama, witty super heroes, witty witty witty.
5.  Maren likes the Big Bang Theory.  I know that one surprises you all.
6.  Maren likes Spring and Fall.  Maren hates winter.  Even though that makes her Norwegian ancestors cringe.  Whatever.  You ancestors never had to drive in the snow!
7.  Maren likes Gordmans.
8.  Maren likes Jewelry.
9. Maren likes the Color Purple.  The story, the musical, and the actual Color.
10.  Maren also likes the colors green and red
11.  Maren likes dark woods.
12.  Maren does not like carpet.
13.  Maren likes P!nk.  And Kelly Clarkson.  And Sara Bareilles.  And Katy Perry (although that embarrasses me).  And Christina Perri.  Even if she did a song for twilight.
14.  Maren does not like Twilight.
15. Maren likes Joss Whedon.  And Neil Patrick Harris.  But who doesn't?
16. Maren likes to laugh.
17.  Maren really likes to teach.  And learn. And study.  And write.  And read.
18. Maren likes to cook.  And to eat.  Mostly eat.
19.  Maren likes to travel.
20.  Maren likes to be busy.

It may seem trival to most, but it makes me immensely pleased to see myself understand myself well enough to make a list like that.

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