Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Movies so far 2014

So far this year I have seen 4 movies in the theater.  I love movies, so my critiques are usually more favorable than unfavorable because I enjoy entertainment for entertainment sake, and I do not got to movies that I have no interest in.  If I am on the fence, I redbox it.  Also, because I am a mom, I go to kids movies a lot, even if I do not necessarily want to or expect to like it.  A lot of times with kids movies, my reaction is based more upon what their reaction is.
1. The Lego Movie:  Seriously loved this movie.  Partly because my three year old was excited enough to become invested in the main character that at one point she yelled out "Oh no! Save Emmett!"  I also loved it because there were so many jokes and references to pop culture and other things that made this movie extremely funny for the adults in the room as well.   Good times.
2. Divergent: I loved the book, and loved the movie, for different reasons.  The movie and the book of course diverged (see what I did there?), as most adaptations do.  I think this particular story was quite difficult to translate to the screen, because so much of the understanding of the story comes from the inner turmoil of the characters.  However, as a mom of young girls, the girl was the tough one.  The girl was the hero.  In an important scene, the mother and daughter are the tough guys.  That makes me happy.
3.  Muppets most Wanted.  Muppets singing and dancing.  Tina Fey singing and dancing.  Really nothing else needs to be said.  I like singing and dancing.  So do my kids.  I also love the reclining chairs at AMC.
4.  Captain America.  AWESOME....Awesome.  Did I say it was AWESOME?  Twists and turns and unexpected details.  Connecting to other movies and TV shows and everything else.  Succeeding in being unpredictable.  Giving Scarlett Johanssen and bigger, tougher, more complex role to play.  Dolby Atmos.  Yeah.  I love Marvel.  That's all.

Looking forward to more movies this year!

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