Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another let's be grateful edition

Crappy days happen.  Mother Nature adds to that.  At the end of a long, exhausting, crappy day, it's important to be grateful for something. Today, for me, that is:
1. Pickles.  Yes I am extremely grateful for pickles.  
2. Texting.  Yep totally grateful for the ability to text.
3.  Band aids. 
4.  Friends that force me to exercise.
5.  Excel spreadsheets.
6. The guy who did the frozen cover in all the Disney voices.  Seriously I adore him.   I want to be his friend.
7.  Sarcasm and sarcastic internet memes.
8. Friends who send me sarcastic internet memes.
9. Friends who give me pizza.
10. Blankets.
11. Frozen on DVD.
12.  Hot showers.
13.  Massages.
14.  Friends who send sarcastic texts and internet memes.  Bonus!
15. Days when I can go to bed before midnight.

Let's hope for a better day tomorrow.  

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