Thursday, March 13, 2014


Some weeks are just more crazy than others, and this week sure has been one of them!  Want to know what I have learned?
1.  I make too many plans.
2.  Apparently I forget I need to sleep.
3.  I never neglect eating however.  Sometimes I should neglect eating.  
4.  Big Bang theory still makes me feel better. 
5.  I need to find more time to read.  I miss reading.  
6. Perhaps I could read more if Pinterest was not invented. 
7.  Seriously love every word that comes out of my children's mouths.  They are so hilarious.  
8.  You know that you have gotten old and lame when the highlight of the week will be driving to Logan to purchase cheese.
9.  Every day I lie to myself and say I will go to bed early :) and eat well.  
10.  In spite of it all, my life is still awesome.  

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