Sunday, March 9, 2014

Not broken

This post may be a little bit soap boxish.  Feel free to pass by if you wish.   I discovered today I hate the term "broken home".  Why should a child be told they are in a "broken home"? There is nothing broken about the love I have for my children.   There is nothing broken about the hard work I do to provide for my children.  There is nothing broken about us.  We are a wonderful team, and plenty of things are right about us.  
1.  We know how to have fun.
2. My daughters see that a girl can become a woman who can take care of herself. 
3. My daughters know home is about love, not location.
4.  My daughters know how to laugh.
5. My daughters know it is okay to cry.
6. My daughters know they can talk to me.
7. My daughters know I make mistakes.
8. My daughters see me say I am sorry, and try to make things right.
9. We have dance and singing parties :).
10. My daughters know we love, not judge.
11.  We know a family can be three people or thirty people. 

We are not broken.  We are learning and growing.  We survive and thrive.  

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