Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hidden Messages

So lots and lots of people are having fun arguing things like hidden agendas in popular animated films.   I always find this sort of thing amusing, because anyone who has paid attention in, I don't know, any English class since Jr. High, should know that there are messages every where.  How you interpret them says more about you than the story themselves.  Religious people should realize that most scripture is written this way as well.  I could go off on certain things (songs of solomon anyone?) but I digress.  So tonight let's just look at the "hidden messages" I got from Frozen.
1.  Its pretty darn brave to admit that you don't have to pretend to be perfect.
2.  Being "perfect" in and of itself is in fact a pretense.
3.  Having accomplished composers and singers do these kind of projects makes listening to the soundtrack over and over again more enjoyable.
4. At first glance, talking snowmen are creepy.
5.  Maybe Reindeers really are better than people.
6.  Sisters are awesome.
7. If he is really charming at first, and appears to have no flaws, its a trap.
8.  Don't mess with fresh lacquer.
9.  Writing a hit is a sure fire way to have people believe you must be evil.
10.  Lots of people don't understand that one song in the middle of the show does not mean the character does not learn, grow, and understand that there are consequences to action. (the same person who says "not right no wrong no rules for me, I'm free" only a little while later says "oh I'm such a fool I can't be free!" Cause seriously, these people who have never done something on a whim, disregarding rules, and then regret it later, seriously don't exist. (i.e. speeding ticket?)  And if they do, please, introduce me to them because they need more fun in their life.
11. Maybe its all just a ploy to get little girls to sing good music.
12.  Or, in all seriousness, have you seen the Norway part of Epcot?  Cause it's Arendelle.  The marketing department was doing cartwheels when they got the advance drawings.  I bet anything.
13.  Freckled girls want to be princesses too.
14.  Don't mess with a nice guy named Oaken.
15.  Trolls are bound to take over the earth eventually.

So what hidden messages did you get from Frozen?

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