Thursday, March 6, 2014

Awesome Mom

I am really good at making myself feel bad.  I feel bad that I have not blogged in several days.  I feel bad that I forget things.  I feel bad that I get frustrated.  So this morning, on a feeling bad morning, I am going to indulge in reflecting on the awesome things I have done as a mom in the last week or so.
1.  My youngest was struggling with falling asleep, and she wanted me to lay down with her.  In her toddler bed.  So I did.  Yay for being 5'2".  And it did not break! Bonus!
2.  My oldest wants to be a neuroscientist.  She is seven and she knows what a neuroscientist is.  Absolutely fabulous.
3.  Telling bedtime stories.  We take turns.  Hooray for creativity.
4.  The three year old loves to help me cook.  She really will be a creative genius.
5.  The seven year old and I are practicing a piano duet. :)
6.  When someone is unfair to my oldest, she says "That person needs to learn about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.  We are not supposed to be unfair anymore!"
7. The alarm clock worked again.  She even wakes up cheerful.  We are going to milk this for all it is worth!
8.  When I mentioned I might take a Saturday by myself to read at Station Park in Farmington, my oldest said "Mom, go on one of our Saturdays!  I will read with you while Amalia plays!"
9. My children can already belt many songs from Broadway musicals.
10. Camping out on the floor cause they beg you to.
11. Feeding them.  Every meal.  Let's be honest, it can be difficult.  :) But we do it, and the food is good.
12. My children get plenty of affection from me and know that I love them.
13.  When I said I would be going to Chicago for the weekend, my oldest told me "Bring me back something awesome.  Wish you could bring back the awesome people, but I will settle for a gift."

Notice none of that was about cleaning or making people look perfect.  It's about what really matters.  Let's not beat ourselves up today.

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