Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I don't miss

Yesterday I waxed nostalgic over all the things I miss.  Today let's look at things I don't really miss:
1.  Never really knowing what lyrics say in a song. "Neverson Babies".  Serious points for anyone who gets the reference.  
2.  Junior High.  Enough said.
3.  Using a card catalog instead of the internet/database/amazon.
4.  Listening to the radio all night waiting for your favorite song to come on so you can tape record it.
5. 80s and 90s bangs. And clothes.  
6. Waiting in line at the computer lab to check my email.  Now thanks to Steve jobs I check it every five minutes.  Okay, not really sure which is better.
7.  Piles of road atlases and street maps to find my way around.
8. The smell of people with hygiene problems on the subway.  
9.  Handwritten notes instead of texts.  No one could read my handwriting.  
10. Midnight feedings.  Babies are cute and all, but I like the post potty trained stage more. Leaps and bounds more.
11.  Going to rent a VHS only to find the one you want is gone.
12.  Summertime humidity
13. Tolls.  Seriously Illinois is the king of toll roads.  Don't miss that one bit.
14. It taking an hour plus to get anywhere.  I don't think I really knew how long it took to get places in manhattan. 
15.  Alternate side of the street parking.  

See! Yay for change!  

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