Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Battling the sucky day

Some days just kind of suck.  No matter what you do, the sucky things pile up.  You leave your phone somewhere.  You obsesses over a mistake.   An insult still stings.  You mourn a loss.  You feel misunderstood.  So what is a girl to do?   
Let's muse about things I have to look forward to.  Today sucks but there is joy in the future.
1.  My awesome girls have great valentines day outfits.  
2.  The Lego movie this weekend.  It's going to be totally awesome.
3. I'm going to Chicago very soon for a visit.
4.  Farmington Station in spring.
5.  Anything in spring.
6.  Captain America.  Xmen.  Idina is singing at the oscars.  New episodes of Big Bang theory.
7.   As soon as the youngest is able to appreciate it, perhaps seven or eight...theatre trip to NYC!
8.  Another trip to Disney sooner than that!
9.  Road trip!  Anywhere! Yay!
10.  Frozen on DVD.  
11.  Massages
12.  Downton Abbey
13.  Cooking dinner with my girls.  
14.  Splash pads in the summer
15.  Dinner with friends.
16.  Dinner with family.
17.  Theatre theatre theatre.
18.  Karaoke cafe.
19.  The avengers 2
20. Really any movie or food event

Life sucks for a minute but there is always happy around the corner.   I am done with today.  Bring on tomorrow.  

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