Sunday, February 16, 2014


Recently the amc theatre in our hometown was remodeled and it seriously makes me so happy.  Not because of screens and sound projection but because of the fabulous reclining chairs.  Seriously it's heaven while watching a movie.  My youngest and I were able to snuggle and enjoy The Lego Movie last night and it made me muse about being comfortable.  There are many things I find cosy.
1. Big warm blankets.
2. Lounge chairs on the beach or by a pool.  
3.  Floating beds in pools.
4.  Hammocks
5. Comfy couches
6. Big beds
7.  Anything that lets me lay down after a long day.  
8.  Massages
9. Pedicures
10. Cuddling with my kids
11.  Getting my hair washed at the salon.
12.  Sitting on a beach blanket at the beach
13.  Sitting on a blanket in the park
14. Sitting and reading by some sort of water source
15.  Any kind of reclining option.

Hoping you all find some way to relax today.

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