Friday, February 14, 2014

Oh the places you'll go!

I love going places, meeting new people, seeing new things.  I love experiencing new cities and going back to places I love.  Today I will muse about some of my favorite places I have been.
1.  Central Park.  It's just like in the movies. 
2.  Split Rock Lighthouse.  Ever since I was a child I thought northern Minnesota looked a bit like heaven. 
3.  Navy pier.  
4.  Zion's National Park.  As much as I love man made creations this one still gets me.  The beauty of nature is breathtaking.
5. Yellowstone.  See number 4. 
6. Chicago architect boat tour.  Coolest tourist experience ever.
7.  All things Disney.  It is magical and bah humbug to anyone who says differently.  
8. Puerto Vallarta.  So amazing and peaceful. 
9.  The smithsonian.  
10. Times Square.
11.  Walking across the Brooklyn bridge.
12. Tagaytay.
13.  San Deigo beaches.  
14.  The Met. 
15.  On the banks of the Mississippu.
16. On the banks of the Potomac.  
17.  Cumberland MD.
18.  Amish Country.  Best rocking chair ever still have it!
19.  Shenandoah Valley.
20.  The Great Lakes.  I think I have only seen three of five but love the three I have seen.  

This world is amazing and I need to see more of it! 

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