Monday, February 10, 2014

Hooray for portable technology

When I was little I really wanted to have a small pocket TV so I could watch shows in my bedroom and not fight with my siblings.   Who would have know that when I was 34 I would have 6 separate devices that could do just that and so much more right at my disposal.   It does kind of blow my mind.  So, today lets list several reasons why I love my Ipad Mini.  You can substitute Kindle, Smart Phone, anything that you want.
1.  It weighs a lot less than several books on a plane ride.
2.  It helps me get through boring meetings.
3  If people want to see my kids, it is very easy to pull up a picture for them.
4.  It helps me if I am lost.
5.  It keeps my kids quiet and occupied.
6.  Netflix.
7. Google.
8.  No need for a newspaper subscription.
9. Facebook.
10.  I can type a blog post on it.
11.  It taught my oldest daughter to read.
12.  Disney Parks apps.  Next time you go to a disney park it will change your life.
13.  Relaxation apps.
14.  Dr. Seuss books are so awesome on the Ipad.
15.  I can take notes and not have sticky notes everywhere
16.  I don't have to worry about not understanding my handwriting.
17.  Pinterest.
18.  Music
19. Youtube.
20.  Being able to check my finances, appointments, and any number of other things to keep me organized.

Yay for technology.

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