Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Generally I am a fan of change.  I think it is a good way to progress, grow, and learn about oneself and others.  Occasionally I do miss and reminisce about things I wish had not changed, or that certain things I experienced when living in other areas would still be available to me.  In speaking with a friend today, I thought of a few things that are no longer readily available to me, and I truly miss them. 
1. Chicago style pizza
2. NY pizza
3. The ZCMI food and pastry counter
4. Real dollar theaters.  That actually cost one dollar.
5.  The rocket at the rocket park in Layton.
6. Good street vendor food.
7.  The awesome cheese fries at a random bar in Cumberland Maryland.  Yes as a missionary I regularly ate at a bar.  Seriously delicious food.
8. The TKTS line.
9. NY hotdogs 
10. Chicago hotdogs
11. Deli pickles
12.  Concerts in Bryant Park
13.  The New York Public Library
14. The Chicago Public Library
15.   Living by a large body of water. (No the great salt lake is not by my definition a large body of water.)
16. Free smithsonian museums
17.  Tall buildings
18.  Taking the subway to work
19. Diverse dining choices
20.  People who know how to merge

Oh well.  Better learn to be grateful for what I have.  

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