Monday, February 17, 2014

Things I wish I had studied

I have had an interesting and mostly good career.  Lots of mishaps along the way, and a few major mistakes.  As everyone who is honest with themselves will be willing to admit.  For a long time I thought my career would go one way, but when I got the opportunity to be where I thought I was headed, both personally and professionally I suffered a blow to my ego, and realized that just as Dumbledore also realized, not everyone is meant to be in charge.  Not everyone makes great leaders.  But that does not mean I am not good at what I do.  I am.  And I am also very intelligent.  What I love most is learning.  If I could find a way to just get paid to go to school forever, I would do that.  So tonight I muse about all the things I wish I could have or would have studied.  Some for their practicality.  Some for their career potential.  Some for the sheer interest.  And some just because.  Who knows...maybe I will go back to school some day.  I am still young.
1. Sign Language interpretation
2.  Law...I love to learn, and argue.  "Do you think she woke up one day and said I think I'll go to law school?"
3. Computers.  Just so I could fix them when they break and not have to deal with people on grumpy days.
4.  Media studies.  Yeah, I know.  But whatever, there are media professors out there.
5.  A PHD in anything.  Yes, pretty much anything.
6.  Nursing....would have loved to be a midwife or APRN
7.  A teacher...just for the schedule though.   I adore teaching college...not sure how I would do with children.
8.  Creative writing.  Again, I know not practical, but it would be interesting.
9.  Business.  Highly practical.
10.  Children's literature
11.  American History
12.  I have a minor in Women's Studies.  Would love to learn more
13.  I have a Masters level certificate in Disability Studies.  Would also like to learn more.
14.  Buffy Studies.  It exists.
15.  History of Musical Theatre.
16.  Welding or cabinetry, or anything that would make me look tough.
17.  Pharmacy or dentistry or podiatry or some other medical thing that pays well but does not often get calls at 2am.
18.  Anything that would make it possible for me to be Neil Patrick Harris's personal assistant.  Or Idina Menzel.  Or Stephen Schwartz.  Or Ellen.....or....or....or.
19.  A travel critic.  Rick Steves if you will.
20.  Food critic.  I mean come on how do people get so lucky?!?

Oh to dream.

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