Thursday, February 13, 2014

Something in the air

Everyone seems to be having a rough week.  I think there is something in the air or water.  My friends are stressed my kids are being wild, etc etc.  it seems the only good thing is that my youngest finally decided going potty is a good thing.   So let's muse some happiness again shall we?
1.  My youngest said to me "once upon a time there was a monkey and a tail and drums.  The end.  Do you like that story mom?"
2.  My oldest went on a field trip.  When asked if she had ever been there before she said "oh I am sure my mom has brought me here.   My mom knows all the cool places."
3.  I confess I browse the Disney resort vacation packages too often.  A girl can dream.
4.  I am glad that valentines day is defined as celebrating love and that I can celebrate with the best little valentines in the world.
5.  Surprising the girls with a spa day!  Yay us!
6.  My oldest said she could not sleep unless she heard me sing or imagined me singing. Melt my heart.
7.  A three year olds smile is the best thing in the universe.
8.  Should I buy my self a valentines gift? No Maren the pretty shiny device you are typing on is the only special occasion gift you can get for yourself for the next year :)
9.  My youngest hates to go to bed.  My oldest is asleep but my youngest keeps walking in my room giggling.  She is mischievous this one.
10.  Stopped to smile at her and she said "no you keep typing!!"
11.  I swear my oldest is smarter in first grade than I was last week. 
12.  I need a vacation.  Except for the spend money part.
13.  Whenever I wake up my hair looks like Anna's when she wakes up in Frozen.  Both of us must be visited by Ralph the nighttime hair dresser.  
14.  Sometimes I put coconut oil on my daughters skin.  She also enjoys chocolate.  Therefore hugging her makes me instantly crave almond joy. 
15.  Trying to keep up with my thought pattern is exhausting.

Sleep well all!

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