Monday, February 24, 2014

Rewarding myself

Sometimes I feel like it is wrong to celebrate oneself or ones accomplishments.  It's okay for loved ones or outsiders may praise us, but to praise myself would be seen as conceited, vain, inappropriate.   Well today I have a rebellious spirit.  I started today with a bit of personal and somewhat symbolic sadness, however thanks to some kind words of friends and a bit of a fiery spirit inside of me, I decided I have every right to be glad to be me and to celebrate even tiny accomplishments.  Today I celebrate:
1. I get out of bed and go to work.  Daily.  
2. I love my children. 
3. I pay my bills.  
4. I provide for my children.  
5. I provide for myself. 
6. I am entertaining, and people enjoy being around me.
7. When I teach college courses, along with intensely intellectual information, I include clips of the Big Bang theory because I am awesome.
8. I go to work even though I am usually in some kind of pain.
9. I can recite more musicals than most people have ever heard of.
10. I have excellent taste in movies and television.
11 I have beyond excellent taste in music. 
12.  I am willing to laugh at myself.  
13.  I am getting better at biting my tongue.
14. My daughters and I have dance parties.
15. I have amazing friends.

Go celebrate yourself! You are awesome!

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